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Discussion For Today: Will You Marry Her Or Not?

You met and dated a girl when you were in the university. She was a virgin when you met her, and you both agreed not to have sex until your wedding night. You… Continue reading

Questions Young People Ask: What if I’m Being Pressured to Have Sex?

“Isn’t it better to give in?” you might ask. “After all, isn’t everyone having sex?” Stop and think! Not everyone is doing it. For example, a US study revealed that by the time… Continue reading

Questions Young People Ask On Marital Choice: Please Give Your Own Advice

Other questions asked by these young people in the youth symposium based on future partner and based on relationship are stated below: >> What could give peace in marriage and how to understand… Continue reading

Questions Young People Ask On Career Choice: Please Give Your Own Advice

In a youth symposium I attended about two weeks ago, some questions were asked by young people which I decided to publish on this site because of those having such questions in mind… Continue reading

No Guy Has Ever Asked Me Out…Is This Normal? A friend Said That It’s A Curse….

A young girl asked a question which I will like to publish here for you to give your own advice or opinions concerning this issue. Here is this question below: ::QUESTION:: I am… Continue reading

How Can I Stop Or Reduce Snorring?

This is a question a young boy asked which I will like you to help him out by leaving your suggestions and best ideas as comments below. In my own view, I will… Continue reading

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