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Inspiring Videos of the Week 

For young people who have lost hope, watch this and be inspired not to give up.  Remember the Lord thy God in the time of your youth. No matter the position you are move closer to God.  Advertisements

A Shovel of Dirt 

How do you live your life? How you see life?  When you are in the trial of life, what do you do?  People are not ready to here your misfortune stories but what you did that they can learn from.  For instance, if I failed a test during the first phase and worked out a … Continue reading

Is It By Force? A Short Inspiring Story

​​She is always in Church, wearing faded jeans, an old T-shirt and slippers. She comes to clean and arrange the seats, decorate and clean the pulpit whenever it is dirty. For six years, she never missed a single Saturday coming to clean the Church. One Saturday, a young man walked into the Church while she … Continue reading

Expiry Date: A Short Story You Need to Read 

This is a short story written in dramatic form to entertain you. This is also to inform you that some words are written in Yoruba (A language in Nigeria). Enjoy and stay blessed as you read!  (Baba is punishing Aduke, who is on her knees) Aduke:- (Crying) I am sorry Baba. I won’t do so again. … Continue reading

God Has A Better Plan For You

The are some challenges you face that make you to feel discouraged and tend to give up. You might be disappointed where you had in mind to receive help and you concluded that all has ended. I am telling you today that God has a better plan for you. Some young people are so desperate … Continue reading

Write Your Hurt in The Sand And Carve Your Benefits in The Stone: A Short Inspiring Story You Need to Read!

​I will like you to learn from this story. Two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand: “TODAY MY BEST FRIEND … Continue reading

Positive Confession For Today: I Know Who I Am  

Are you depressed all because someone said something negative to you?  Are you discouraged because you’re disappointed?​ Do you have low self esteem and want to boost your esteem? Do you need confidence to face the issues of life? Then you you need to make a positive confession to override the negative things said to … Continue reading

Get Inspired Today: 11 Quotes That Will Inspire You

1. You may succeed if nobody else believe in you, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself. 2. To small thinkers everything looks like a mountain. 3. Your mind is the factory where countless thoughts are produced. 4. Active and empowered mind always produce success. 5. Your success is within how … Continue reading

35 Inspiring Lessons of Life

I will like to share with you some Life Lessons in a Nutshell: 1. People who want to be with you will find a way. Seek, but don’t chase. 2. Don’t allow abuse or disrespect. You are valuable and deserve respect. 3. Spend time with happiness givers not happiness suckers. 4. Feel the fear and … Continue reading

Want To Overcome Your Problems? Here Is The Solution

The only place where people do not have any problems is the grave. Problems are part of life. The key is to turn problems into opportunities. Every problem has within it the seed of its own solution.The mark of success is to deal with your problems effectively. Therefore, I will show you few steps to … Continue reading

Positive Confession To Boost Your Self Esteem: Repeat It, Refresh Your Mind And Rekindle Your Spirit!

I want you to confess positive things to yourself. This will boost your esteem. I see that you have a brighter and rewarding future ahead of you. Please repeat these words after me: I am the voice people want to hear. I am the message people want to read. I am the role model that … Continue reading

Holy Spirit: Your Partner And Good Companion

I will to share Dr. Yongi Cho’s story that I read. He was a missionary in a little town that was wholly given to the worship of a guardian god. The priest of the god resisted his work in their town, but later told him that if his God would heal a woman who was … Continue reading

Positive Affirmation For Every Student: Visualize And Feel It Happening!

Are you depressed and discourage because you are in need? Don’t worry yourself again as you repeat the following positive declaration after me: I always have an abundance of money to meet all my needs. I am open to receive. Life is easier for me and I have an abundance of whatever I need. I … Continue reading

God Never Gives Up On You

Don’t Be Discouraged

Using Your Intuition- The Soul Whisperer

Have you ever just felt sure about something, but had no scientific or tangible reason to know? You just knew in your spirit what was the right thing to do, right thing to say or the right action to take. Your heart was telling you the direction to take and you took it. It did … Continue reading

6 Quotes To Help You Stay Motivated And Follow Your Passion

No matter what happens or how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will make it one day. Have an unrelenting belief that things will work out well. The things you desire may not happen today, but have it in mind that they will happen. … Continue reading

Don’t Think About That Problem- ALL IS WELL

Are you feeling depressed and sorrowful because of one problem or the other? I am using this to tell you all is well. Are you thinking about your low G.P? All is well. Are you thinking that you did not perform well in your last examination? All is well. Did you feel discouraged because your … Continue reading

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