TGV Teenagers and Youths Affairs Forum: An online community for Young people

You can now join the online community discussing the solutions to problems young people face nowadays. The Great Value (TGV) Teens and Youths Affairs is a facebook group dedicated to add values to the lives of teenagers and youths. This is a place for self improvement and personal development for young people. Join us today … Continue reading TGV Teenagers and Youths Affairs Forum: An online community for Young people

Hurray! The Great Value is Five Years Today June 1st, 2017.

I give God the glory for the journey so far. Though I have not published for a while, I apologize to you all.  By the grace of God this site will be updated. Thanks for bearing with me.

The Great Value: Which one do you value most? Arrange in the order of importance….

God Family  Career Money  Which of these is of  a great value to you from #1 to #4?

Pearls Cakes: The Perfect Cakes for Nigerians

For everyone waiting for employment opportunities, please don't waste your time. I am advising you to wait for your time but don't waste your time. You have talents or gifts that can bring value. Use it now before you get that job of your dream. If you are fulfilled in using your skills then be creative and move to the next level. One of my purpose for this site is to promote young entrepreneurs. Those who use what they have (skills, talents or gifts) to get what they need to make a living since there is scarcity of jobs in Nigeria. Therefore, I am introducing the entrepreneur of the week......

Best Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rank – 

Have you been thinking on how to increase your search engine rank? Do you want your site to show up on Google Search first page? Here is an informative guide on how to boost your search engine optimization......

Congratulations! Channel Of Virtue Is Nominated As The Best Family And Parenting Blog – 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards

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Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 Nomination!!!

Hello Everyone, The 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards is here again! Please, Nominate “” under the 'Best educational category' and 'inspirational, motivational and personal development category' at Remember to confirm the email replied to you for the nominations to count. Thank you all!

Dear TGV Reader: Happy New Year!

My dear reader, I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude and to appreciate you for sparing your time to read my blog. Despite the fact that my published posts are short but meaningful, you still like it and follow this blog. I want to give God the glory for the inspiration so … Continue reading Dear TGV Reader: Happy New Year!

It’s A New Month… Happy New Month!

I am very sorry for not writing since because of my tight schedule in school. First of all, I am using this medium to wish you all a happy new month. I pray that this month shall be bring you an unexpected and uncommon favour. May you begin to experience the wonders of God in … Continue reading It’s A New Month… Happy New Month!