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A Letter To The Singles: What You Need To Understand While You Are Still Single

The end product of every relationship is marriage. But if care is not taken, the marriage will end in divorce. Why?
This is to let let you know that marriage is like a 👟……. Thus, the following provide informative guide to educate you….. Continue reading


Advice For The Singles: Mistakes Singles Make That You Must Avoid!

If the SHIP in your relationship is not taking you to the right place, what will you do? Just like Titanic……. Continue reading

Want To Be More Productive This Year? Here are 5 Tips That Will Help You Yield More Results Like Never Before

Have you been finding a way to be more productive? Have you been working on some things which you are expecting to see great results based on your inputs but prove abortive? Have you been working so hard that you expect to see great returns but disappointed at the end. Don’t be discouraged because I … Continue reading

Resume Writing: How To Format Resume Headings And What Should Be Included

            The first and most prominent item on your resume if your name and contact information. Your name is typically in the largest font, standing apart from all other text on your resume. A common mistake professionals make is trying to emphasize their name in a special font type. As … Continue reading

Resume Writing: What You Need To Know When Including References On Your Resume

     Have you ever wondered what the most commonly used line on a resume is? It would have to be the all time favorite, “References available upon request.” There is an ongoing debate among professionals about the inclusion of references on your resume. Some people will strongly encourage you to include the aforementioned line … Continue reading

Introduction To Resume Writing: How To Write An Outstanding Resume

          In the competitive, internet-driven world of job searches, your resume represents you to potential employers. It serves as your tool to attract attention, get the interview and/or get a job. A great resume will make you stand out from other candidates by showcasing your aptitudes. Think of your resume as … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Skills & Money Making Ideas For Youth

The rate of unemployment is high and still more students are graduating whereby they populate the number of unemployed youths. We do complain that there is no job while some are making something out of nothing. Young people nowadays are into various ventures where they make a living from. Some graduates are going from one … Continue reading

10 Qualities of A Healthy Relationship

1. Accept each other’s basic personalities exactly the way they are. Never think you can change someone. However, expect yourselves to change over time as both of you mature together. 2. Find and pay attention to what you admire about each other. 3. Nurture your feelings of affection for each other. 4. Learn and practice … Continue reading

Money Making Ideas: Make Money, Make A Difference!

Everyone wants to make money. Young people today are striving in one way or the other to make money. Some do not know the meaning of money. What is money? Money is simply an exchangeable value. Money is value. What are your orientation about money? I mean you and money. How do you see yourself … Continue reading

Do You Always Forget What You Are Taught Easily?

Are You Always Worried Based On Your Forgetfulness Despite The Fact That You Read And Study Regularly? Have You Tried Your Best But All Seems To Prove Abortive? Do not feel depressed because it’s time to look up to God to take care of the rest by telling Him your problems now! Therefore, I want … Continue reading

Relationship Advice For Young Guys: 15 Indicators Of A Better And Virtuous Woman You Need To Know Before You Marry Her

Everyone wants the best. For this reason, I have decided to give some of the indicators of a better and virtuous woman before you take her to the altar. Therefore, some of the qualities needed in her are as follows: 1. She must be prayerful. 2. She must be helpful in terms of need. 3. … Continue reading

To Every Jambite: You Can Now Write Post-UTME 2014 of Schools You Didn’t Choose in JAMB

You can now write post utme in schools which you did not choose as your choice. Once you scored 180 and above, you can easily apply for the post utme exam by obtaining the form from such institution. You can see the lists of such institution that accept students who score 180 and above at … Continue reading

Tips On How To Plan Your Time Towards A Successful Academic Life

In my last post we took a look at time wasting as causes of failure and I promised to continue with the solution later which is written now. Today, I am going to share with you some tips and techniques on how you can schedule your time wisely in order to achieve maximum success in … Continue reading

For Every Single That Are Searching: Things To Figure Out Before Finding A True Love

I stumbled on a site where I found a useful articles which I will like to share with you here I will like to brief you on some points from the source. The things to figure out are: 1. Don’t focus on finding a partner, focus on building a good and perfect relationship. 2. Replace … Continue reading

How To Plan Your Time Towards A Successful Academic Life: Set Your Priorities First!

Planning what to read and when to read using timetable helps a lot by guiding you in the right direction. There are times when you would have planned to read two courses and end up read one or even not completing it. This might occured sometimes but you have to find a means of covering … Continue reading

Causes Of Students Failure That You Need To Avoid: Time Wasting

You need to spend your time wisely. Time management has a lot to do in order to improve yourself academically. When you manage your time well and spend it wisely and not wasting it, you are on your way to academic success. For instance, a student who plan to read by 7:00pm just noticed that … Continue reading

Causes Of Students Failure That You Need To Avoid.

In discovering the secrets of being a successful student, we need to discuss some of the reasons why some students failed. We need to know to cause of a problem first and then find the right solutions to such problem. In this article, we are going to take a look at possible causes of failure … Continue reading

Secrets Of Successful Students Revealed! Discover It Now!

Every student wants to be successful in every area of their life. There are some students who never know the secret to succeed in their academics. They follow the crowds, copy others and apply their methods which cannot work for them because they have not discovered themselves. Within few days, I am going to share … Continue reading

5 Things Differentiating Successful People From Failure

People are often fascinated by those who are consistently successful at whatever they do. If you too have been wondering about what make these people achieve repeated success in different facets of their lives, the secret lies in how they do things differently. If you too want to be at the top of your game, … Continue reading

Being Consistent in Reaching Your Goals

This Article Is Written By Margaret Latham on: I will write briefly on what I read in her post. Consistency has been a key factor for me in reaching my goals. I hold myself accountable by writing them down and making them visible. I compared my goal writing to getting a bill in the … Continue reading

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