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A Letter To The Singles: What You Need To Understand While You Are Still Single

The end product of every relationship is marriage. But if care is not taken, the marriage will end in divorce. Why?
This is to let let you know that marriage is like a 👟……. Thus, the following provide informative guide to educate you…..


Advice For The Singles: Mistakes Singles Make That You Must Avoid!

If the SHIP in your relationship is not taking you to the right place, what will you do? Just like Titanic…….

Want To Be More Productive This Year? Here are 5 Tips That Will Help You Yield More Results Like Never Before

Have you been finding a way to be more productive? Have you been working on some things which you are expecting to see great results based on your inputs but prove abortive? Have… Continue reading

Resume Writing: How To Format Resume Headings And What Should Be Included

            The first and most prominent item on your resume if your name and contact information. Your name is typically in the largest font, standing apart from all… Continue reading

Resume Writing: What You Need To Know When Including References On Your Resume

     Have you ever wondered what the most commonly used line on a resume is? It would have to be the all time favorite, “References available upon request.” There is an ongoing… Continue reading

Introduction To Resume Writing: How To Write An Outstanding Resume

          In the competitive, internet-driven world of job searches, your resume represents you to potential employers. It serves as your tool to attract attention, get the interview and/or get… Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Skills & Money Making Ideas For Youth

The rate of unemployment is high and still more students are graduating whereby they populate the number of unemployed youths. We do complain that there is no job while some are making something… Continue reading

10 Qualities of A Healthy Relationship

1. Accept each other’s basic personalities exactly the way they are. Never think you can change someone. However, expect yourselves to change over time as both of you mature together. 2. Find and… Continue reading

Money Making Ideas: Make Money, Make A Difference!

Everyone wants to make money. Young people today are striving in one way or the other to make money. Some do not know the meaning of money. What is money? Money is simply… Continue reading

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