God Has A Better Plan For You

The are some challenges you face that make you to feel discouraged and tend to give up.

You might be disappointed where you had in mind to receive help and you concluded that all has ended. I am telling you today that God has a better plan for you. Some young people are so desperate to get married all because their mates have married thereby marrying the wrong person at the wrong time all.

They never know that those who rush into marriage also rush out. You might think that the person who promised you some amounts of money to help you disappointed you not knowing that every disappointment is a blessing.

Always remember that no matter the situations, God has a better plan for you. Have you ever observed that there are times when you are being disappointed, there are better offers elsewhere? We do say that when someone removes his mat, God will spread a rug. You might have been disappointed. I am telling you to trust God. Work in accordance with the plans God has for you and stay blessed.