Have you been finding a way to be more productive?

Have you been working on some things which you are expecting to see great results based on your inputs but prove abortive?

Have you been working so hard that you expect to see great returns but disappointed at the end.

Don’t be discouraged because I will briefly share some tips with you that will help you become more productive this year.

Do you know that it’s not just hardwork alone because if it is just hardwork alone but being smart.

Therefore, to be more productive this year, follow this simple tips stated below:

  • Stay Focused: There are times that we feel we can do everything once when we’ve not achieve great results on any of the ones we are doing. In order to be productive, change from being the doer of many things having no result to a leader of few things. Be more focused and you will get results.
  • Know The Most Important Thing:  Avoid being distracted with things that are not important to you. I want you to know that only 20% of all information will give you 80% of what you need to make a good decision. Taking the right decision on what to let go and what to work upon that will yield result. Let me give you an example based on my own experience when I started online publishing which is now known as blogging. I created some blogs which I thought I would publish stories and articles separately to determine the one that makes me productive. I started publishing on each blog until a time I analyzed the sites growth. Then I knew what my strength is and what to focus on which I prioritized. Then I had to delete those ones that are not important and focus on the productive ones which includes The Great Value and Channel of Virtue.
  • Stay Within Your Strength and Not on Your Weakness

A fish cannot survive on land, it will only struggle. An eagle cannot survive in water. Working within your strength makes you an hero but trying to focus on your weakness will make you to struggle. Majority of young people nowadays imitate their peers and struggle to do what the other person is doing with ease. Even the Word of God says that, a man ddiligent in his work will stand before kings.”

Your diligence in your area of dominion, your strength, your abilities, skills, talents or gifts will make you more productive.

  • Do Things That You Should Do 

You have to decide what to do and how you can do it to give the expected results. Thus do things that give the greatest returns and rewards.

  • Simplify Your Life 

Don’t make things complicated for yourself, instead reduce the complicated to the simple. Let me also give you an instance. Remember I said I created multiple blogs which I later decided to let go. Why? Because I need to make things easier for myself. Not that am selfish but considering the fact that I won’t have time for my readers. How? You may ask or feel concerned about the statement. Let me say I published here and there of about five places, firstly I won’t be able to respond to readers comment on time and my traffic is also splitting. Well that’s not the main issue but inconsistency to publish on one site as I my mind will be on others. I discovered that the two I maintain now are those that give value to my readers and provide solutions to people’s problems.

So let me conclude here by saying:

Simplification requires trade-off. You can’t do everything. Successful people focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses.

For your contributions and reactions on how to be more productive than before, please don’t hesitate to comment below as we discuss it for others to learn from you.

Hope you enjoyed it? Then share it and let others learn. Thanks.

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