Discussion For Today: Will You Marry Her Or Not?

You met and dated a girl when you were
in the university. She was a virgin when
you met her, and you both agreed not to
have sex until your wedding night. You both graduated but were jobless for four years.
However, after many years of suffering, she later secured a job for you in one big company where you were paid close to £900,000 per month. Things were going well with the relationship and
you finally proposed marriage to her.
She accepted but after few seconds, tears start rolling down her cheeks.
You asked her, “What is the problem?”
She answered, ”Am
sorry love, I am no longer a virgin. I gave
my virginity to your boss before he accepted to employ you in his company. That was the only condition he gave me before you were employed, or you
remained jobless.”
Assuming you are this
guy, what will be your reaction?
And for the ladies, can you do this for love?

Pls give your opinion on this:
Will you accept or throw her away?

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