10 Qualities of A Healthy Relationship

1. Accept each other’s basic personalities exactly the way they are. Never think you can change someone. However,
expect yourselves to change over time as both of you mature together.
2. Find and pay attention to what you admire about each other.
3. Nurture your feelings of affection for each other.
4. Learn and practice skills to really listen and hear each other.
5. Learn and practice skills for resolving
relationship conflicts.
6. Make time together and have some fun.
Do not let conflicts or arguments spoil those times.
7. Take the time to learn what your partner wants as demonstration of your love.
8. Take the time to be affectionate and
nurture one another. 9. Be a team— a united front. Tackle any problems as a team. Learn and practice skills for solving problems.
10. Learn from your mistakes. Learn to forgive.
11. Honour your commitment. Do not put yourself in situations where you might be tempted to mess around with someone else.
12. Recognize when you need support.