Questions Young People Ask: What if I’m Being Pressured to Have Sex?

“Isn’t it better to give in?” you might ask. “After all, isn’t everyone having sex?”
Stop and think! Not everyone is doing it. For example, a US study revealed that by the time they finish high school, 2 out of 3 youths in that country are sexually active. But that also means that 1 out of 3 are not.
What about those who are?
Researchers have found that many of such youths experience the following:

*Distress: Most youths who have engaged in premarital sex say that they regretted it
afterward. After having sex, each partner begins to wonder, ‘Who else has he/she had
sex with?’
*Disillusionment: Deep down, many girls would prefer someone who will protect them, not use them. And many boys find that they are less attracted to a girl who has given in to their advances.
The bottom line is: Your body is far too valuable to give away. Please obey God’s Law against premarital sex. When you marry, then you can have sex and enjoy it fully without regret or worries and insecurity.