Money Making Ideas: Make Money, Make A Difference!

Everyone wants to make money. Young people today are striving in one way or the other to make money. Some do not know the meaning of money.

What is money?
Money is simply an exchangeable value.
Money is value.

What are your orientation about money? I mean you and money. How do you see yourself and money?
Let me simply ask these questions:
How much can you buy yourself?
What is your exchange rate?

My dear reader, it begins with your competence because great ideas bring about great wealth.
You might be thinking that what do I mean by that, but I will explain.
For example, a person who required your service will pay you based on your negotiation and you accept that right? Okay, let say for instance, you want to work in a company and you are being asked, “What is your exchange rate?” i.e. How much can you be paid and you will be happy working with them? It all depends on your competence, skills and so on that will qualify you for such.
If you did something that worth hundred of thousands, you would be given such. This is because your worth is known. Your impact and ideas where you are working determine your income level. That is why I said “Great ideas equals great wealth.”

There is something you need to know about money which I will refer to ‘what money will say assuming it is human being’:

Money will say, “I am not a fool without direction; I cannot go with a fool without direction like me.”
This means money is perfect in the hands of those who have a ready plan for it. Though, you might think when I have the money, I will know what to do with it. But I will like to tell you that such money would be spent on what you did not plan for. At the end, you will not feel like how did you spend the money.
Therefore, no project, no progress. Money without direction will fashion away.

There are times that you need to think and be smart than just being hardworking. If to say hardworking alone, every hardworking Nigerian would have become richer than they are now.
I am not saying you should not be hardworking, you need to get this right that you need to work well and work smart.
Don’t work for money but let money work for you. Don’t find money by an illegal means which will not give you peace of mind.

How To Get Money

Here are things to know on how to get money:
Money is a tank, it opens to those who can think.
Life is a gap, you are rich if you can be the bridge.
Refine what people know but unknown.
If raw currency is within you, refined cash will be in your hand.
Convert the spiritual blessings into nature. Use your gift to earn gifts. Use your potentials to prosper. Many Nigerians are doing that now but I most young people thought only entertainment world can make them prosper. I don’t know why ‘music’ is the only way to many Nigerian youths.

How To Use Money

Am sorry to say this, if money is just for food only, you are still a fool.
Recycle and reproduce the money you get.
Don’t but urgent things that are not important.
Don’t buy what will not yields.
Don’t buy a burden.
Buy the future.
Pursue a vision.
Help people.

In conclusion, you need to be specific, actionable, and realistic. Dream it, believe it and live it.

See you at the top!