It’s A New Month… Happy New Month!

I am very sorry for not writing since because of my tight schedule in school.
First of all, I am using this medium to wish you all a happy new month.
I pray that this month shall be bring you an unexpected and uncommon favour.
May you begin to experience the wonders of God in a new and exceptional ways.
All what you have been expecting from God since the beginning of this year that has not been granted shall be granted unto you and your family.
May all your sorrows be turned to joy everlasting.
May you begin to prosper in every aspect of your life beyond your imaginations.
May all your lost glory and virtues be restored from this moment.
May you begin to experience peace in your life.
That great place and that great position that is destined for you and your family be located now in Jesus Name.

Feel free to share this with others and if you believed that this prayer has been answered, reply – AMEN!