Do You Always Forget What You Are Taught Easily?

Are You Always Worried Based On Your Forgetfulness Despite The Fact That You Read And Study Regularly?

Have You Tried Your Best But All Seems To Prove Abortive?

Do not feel depressed because it’s time to look up to God to take care of the rest by telling Him your problems now!

Therefore, I want to use this medium to pray for every student who forget easily. Join me to declare something positive into the lives of young people having related issue.

The scripture says, “The memory of the righteous is blessed.”
I decree and declare into your life, a blessed memory.
As from today onward, you will have a sharper and retentive memory according to the Word Of God.
I pray that whatsoever you learn shall retain in your memory in Jesus name.
Every denomic power working against your brain should be consumed by the fire of the Living God today in Jesus Name.

Join me to say “Amen!” in response to this prayer as your comment.
Please share more prayer based on this issue below.