Holy Spirit: Your Partner And Good Companion

I will to share Dr. Yongi Cho’s story that I read.
He was a missionary in a little town that was wholly given to the worship of a guardian god. The priest of the god resisted his work in their town, but later told him that if his God would heal a woman who was known throughout the village to be very sick, they would leave him to continue preaching and believe in his message. When he went to minister to this woman, she refused God’s Word and said, “I’d rather die than accept that.” Even when he called some brethren to clean up the woman’s house and make food for her, she was still uncooperative. So Dr. Cho turned to his senior partner (the Holy Spirit). He and his team prayed to God fervently.
Then, one night he had a vision that he fought and destroyed the guardian god. The next day he woke up to find the woman completely healed. Jumping and rejoicing, she shouted, “Pastor thanks for coming to my room in the night to to pray for me.”

……to be continued shortly!