Relationship Advice For Young Guys: 15 Indicators Of A Better And Virtuous Woman You Need To Know Before You Marry Her

Everyone wants the best. For this reason, I have decided to give some of the indicators of a better and virtuous woman before you take her to the altar.
Therefore, some of the qualities needed in her are as follows:

1. She must be prayerful.

2. She must be helpful in terms of need.

3. She must be there in terms of purpose and dreams of life.

4. She must be able to speak wisely and talk with wisdom.

5. She must be a good cook.

6. She must be respectful and humble.

7. She must be attractive and good-looking (beautifully dressed with decent dressing and presentable).

8. She must spend wisely and not just spend on anything she want but on things needed majorly.

9. She must be of good character and of good moral conducts.

10. She must be neat and decent.

11. She must be hardworking and not just a liability.

12. She must be caring.

13. She must be accommodative and show hospitality.

14. She must be intelligent and brilliant.

15. She must be friendly, loving, tolerable and appreciative.
And Many More!