Causes Of Students Failure That You Need To Avoid: Time Wasting

You need to spend your time wisely.
Time management has a lot to do in order to improve yourself academically. When you manage your time well and spend it wisely and not wasting it, you are on your way to academic success.
For instance, a student who plan to read by 7:00pm just noticed that her text was with her friend. On getting their to collect the book, she met her watching a movie on her laptop. Since the movie was interesting, she sat to watch before discovering that she had wasted about thirty minutes. When she got home, she decided to eat because she was hungry. After taking her dinner, she got tired and decided to rest hoping that she would wake up after three hours that the alarm was set to. By the time she woke up it was 6:00am.
From this short illustration, you will discover that distraction and any activity not planned can affect your time schedule.
Therefore, you need a proper planning of your time and set targets you need to meet.
How can you now plan your time? Find this in the next post.