Being Consistent in Reaching Your Goals

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I will write briefly on what I read in her post.

Consistency has been a key factor for me in reaching my goals. I hold myself accountable by writing them down and making them visible. I compared my goal writing to getting a bill in the mail month after month. I know I have to pay it and I know it is coming because I received it in writing. I am held accountable for it.
The same holds true with my goals. I am held accountable for them because I have written them down and I have placed them where they are visible to me each day. This has made me consistent and really proud of myself. I am more focused than ever and I know as the days, weeks, months go by, I can expand on my goals or set even larger goals.
There’s a saying that if you continue to do things the same way over and over, the results will continue to be the same.
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