The Fulfilling Message: Live Well As A Youth

Young people are failing not from learning disabilities and difficulties but from self-inflicted problems of smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of purpose and vision, unclarified values, use of illegal drugs, poor diet and undigested study materials.

Therefore, I am appealling to young people to LIVE WELL!

This means that you are to:

L – Live as GOD’s precious treasure.

I – Inside of you are unlimited resources.

V – Visualize how important and wonderful GOD has made you.

E – Exhibit GOD’s Infinite value through self-discipline.

W – Work hard.

E – Empower your life with good and thoughts.

L – Learn to submit to authority without losing your assertiveness.

L – Live to the fullest.

In conclusion, the message so far is:

1. Be the BEST.
2. Set a DATE for graduation.
3. Have a SOUND mind.

If you have any contribution, please share it below.