No Guy Has Ever Asked Me Out…Is This Normal? A friend Said That It’s A Curse….

A young girl asked a question which I will like to publish here for you to give your own advice or opinions concerning this issue.

Here is this question below:


I am a girl of 17 years old and I am in S.S. 2, and no guy has ever asked me out or told me he loves me.
Is this normal?
A friend of mine told me that it is a curse.
Is there anything I can do?


You are a normal and healthy young person even if no guy has ever proposed to you before.
You are not under any curse like your friend claims.
Try as much as possible not to compare yourself to friends.
You are unique in your own way and at the right time several guys would walk up to you.
Spend this time taking care of yourself.
Work on becoming a successful person with confidence and high self-esteem.
Learn to be yourself, discovering your likes and dislikes, understanding your feelings and beliefs. In the long run, these will make you attrative to a potential partner.