Relationship Tips For Ladies: 7 Great Signs To Know That Your Relationship Is Just For Sex

Some ladies talk about how they met a guy and had a wonderful sex and then the guy only calls or comes by when he wants sex.

Get it clear that such relationship will not last.
Some of the great signs to look for as a lady to know if it is just for sex only include:

1. Every time you see each other, it’s only to have sex. It’s just for sex.

2. Only comes over at night. For instance, he calls you around 10pm or later asking if you can come over or if he can come over around midnight. It’s just for sex.

3. Doesn’t want to go out anywhere. Saying there is no world outside the bedroom. It’s just for sex.

4. Never talks about family and friends talkless of you knowing his parents. If you don’t know, it might just be for sex.

5. Doesn’t want to hear about your family and friends. It’s just for sex.

6. Phone conversation or text messages are only in a sexual nature. Some relationships are like this but others are just for sex.

7. You only meet at places where sex can occur. It’s just for sex.
(…to be contd)