A Global Appeal To Students

The guides to be shared today will enrich every student with a life DISH to put away CURSES to SIT and works toward their VALUE.
Don’t be suprised seeing those words in capitals, they are acronyms for some tips to be shared below.

* DISH » Students are to be:
D – Diligence
I – Industrious
S – Seriousness
H – Healthy

A busy student, who is focused in attaining set goal, will put away all forms of evil and avoids what is identified as CURSES below:
C – Carelessness
U – Unwise spending
R – Riotous activities
S – Sexual harassments
E – Examination malpractices
S – Senseless nudity and pornographic indulgences.

Engaging in any of these activities results in CURSES which breed physical, emotional, and mental repercussions.
Therefore, SIT and reflect over your life:
S – See yourself as someone great.
I – Invest time and energy on your studies to attain set goals and a meaningful future.
T – Take responsibilities.

Add VALUE yourself and add to the lives of others.
I will like you to give the one for VALUE below.