Pearls Cakes: The Perfect Cakes for Nigerians

For everyone waiting for employment opportunities, please don’t waste your time.
I am advising you to wait for your time but don’t waste your time. You have talents or gifts that can bring value. Use it now before you get that job of your dream. If you are fulfilled in using your skills then be creative and move to the next level. One of my purpose for this site is to promote young entrepreneurs. Those who use what they have (skills, talents or gifts) to get what they need to make a living since there is scarcity of jobs in Nigeria. Therefore, I am introducing the entrepreneur of the week……


A Letter To The Singles: What You Need To Understand While You Are Still Single

The end product of every relationship is marriage. But if care is not taken, the marriage will end in divorce. Why?
This is to let let you know that marriage is like a 👟……. Thus, the following provide informative guide to educate you…..

Want To Be More Productive This Year? Here are 5 Tips That Will Help You Yield More Results Like Never Before

Have you been finding a way to be more productive? Have you been working on some things which you are expecting to see great results based on your inputs but prove abortive? Have… Continue reading

TGV Teenagers and Youths Affairs Forum: An online community for Young people

You can now join the online community discussing the solutions to problems young people face nowadays. The Great Value (TGV) Teens and Youths Affairs is a facebook group dedicated to add values to… Continue reading

TGV004: God Values What You Do

God sees you working behind the scenes everyday. You are helping others, encouraging others and contributing where you can. When you you think you are too small to do big things, then try… Continue reading

The Great Value Show #3: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit (2)

This is the concluding part of the topic “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit” Podcast: Download (mp3)| Listen online here. You can also listen on: Android |Email | RSS You can watch and listen… Continue reading

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit (1) | The Great Value Show #2

Last week I talked about the topic: Don’t Quit. I know you might ask, “Why won’t I?” In this episode of The Great Value Show, I will be addressing that question that’s “The… Continue reading

The Great Value Show #1: DON’T QUIT 

It’s my pleasure to inform you about the latest development on this platform.I will use this medium to introduce you to “The Great Value Show”: An inspiring, educative and informative talk Show for… Continue reading

Inspiring Videos of the Week 

For young people who have lost hope, watch this and be inspired not to give up.  Remember the Lord thy God in the time of your youth. No matter the position you are… Continue reading

Hurray! The Great Value is Five Years Today June 1st, 2017.

I give God the glory for the journey so far. Though I have not published for a while, I apologize to you all.  By the grace of God this site will be updated.… Continue reading

A Shovel of Dirt 

How do you live your life? How you see life?  When you are in the trial of life, what do you do?  People are not ready to here your misfortune stories but what… Continue reading

The Great Value: Which one do you value most? Arrange in the order of importance….

God Family  Career Money  Which of these is of  a great value to you from #1 to #4?

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